Cassia Attard

I'm a 19 y/o on a journey to solve world problems.

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Who I am

Hey, I'm Cassia! I'm constantly learning about biology, ecology, tech, philosophy, and the film industry.

I was on a gap year working for The Knowledge Society as Community Lead for the past year. In high school, I worked with Elevate Tech Fest, Amp Solar Group, University of Toronto, and University of Waterloo. I occasionally speak at conferences such as SingularityU Summit, Me Convention, and more. I was also on Team Canada for Jump Rope from 2014-19, competing across the world.

Solar windows project ☀️

AI overfishing project 🐟

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What I Write


  1. McGill BA&Sc.
  1. Writing, studying soil, & meditating
  1. Reading Steve Jobs & White Fragility

📍 In Montreal